2021 Events Update

In line with the Governments recent lifting of Covid19 restrictions it has been agreed to reopen the Archive Centre to visitors.  However, the Trustees are concerned that a safe environment for visitors is maintained at all times. 

Because of the limited space within the building, numbers entering will have to be controlled.  Until the Government further relaxes the restrictions we will be operating a pre booked system, so if you wish to visit, please e-mail or call to advise us, well in advance, so we can reserve you a space and agree an arrival time.  See Contacts page.

Visits can also be arranged by appointment at other times, providing a keyholder is available to conduct a tour of the Archive.

The small, core team of volunteer Trustees are also willing to offer information, drawings, keys etc by post or e-mail. 

The Trustees of the Rootes Archive Centre, August 2021

 If you have an urgent need please contact James Spencer:  rootesheritage@btinternet.com or Andy Bye:  a.bye@rootesarchive.org


Here list the full calendar of meetings and other events booked at the Archive Centre.

Please ensure that you check this calendar before requesting a new booking at Wroxton for your Club event.

The Trustee to contact for bookings is Andy Bye (a.bye@rootesarchive.org) or 07771943988

For events, such as Open Days and Cataloguing Days organised by the Trust, please contact Trustees
Matt Ollman on 01869 331552  m.ollman@rootesarchive.org

James Spencer on 07785253403 j.spencer@rootesarchive.org

Photos from some of our recent events can be found here https://www.rootesarchive.org/event-gallery

2021 Events Calendar


5th: Archive Open Day 10am – 3pm



10th: Archive Open Day & Sunbeam Lotus Club Spares Day.

Previous Calendar

2020 Events Calendar


5th: Archive Open Day  10am – 3pm

12th: 44th Meeting of the Rootes Archive Centre Trustees

26th: Sunbeam Rapier Club Committee Meeting


2nd: Archive Open Day 10am – 3pm

23rd: The Imp Club Committee Meeting

29th: SAOC Committee Meeting


1st: Archive Open Day 10am – 3pm

8th: Triumph 2000 Club Committee

11th: “Old Rootes/Chrysler Employees” Visit

15th: Clan Owners Club Committee

22nd: ARCC Committee Meeting



4th: Sunbeam Lotus Owners Club Committee 10am

5th: Archive Open Day 10am – 3pm

18th: SAOC Committee Meeting   Event is Cancelled

19th: Post Vintage Humber Car Club Committee Meeting 12noon

26th: Drive It Day Archive Open Day with Commer theme


3rd: Archive Open Day 10am – 3pm

16th: “Old Rooters” Visit   Event is Cancelled

17th: Sunbeam Spares Day  Event is Cancelled

31st: The Imp Club Committee Meeting


6th: Hillman Owners Club AGM

7th:  Archive Open Day with Hillman/Humber theme  Event is Cancelled

14th: 45th Meeting of the Rootes Archive Centre Trustees  Event is Cancelled

28th: Clan Owners Club AGM and Gathering  Event is Cancelled


5th: Archive Open Day 10am – 3pm  Event is Cancelled


2nd: Archive Open Day 10am – 3pm  Event is Cancelled


6th: Archive Open Day with Sunbeam/Singer theme  Event is Cancelled


4th: Archive Open Day 10am-3pm  Event is Cancelled

17th: SAOC Committee Meeting


13th to 15th: Classic Motor Show – NEC Birmingham Event is Cancelled

22nd: 46th Meeting of the Rootes Archive Centre Trustees  Cancelled

29th The Imp Club Committee Meeting Cancelled


13th: ARCC AGM and Committee Meeting Cancelled